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Whilst there are always rules to be followed, compliance should not be a burden to you; it should be a natural consequence of running a firm well. It is only software that can help you do that.

In the UK, compliance has been outsourced to the Solicitors Regulatory Authority -

You should be familiar with this material, however, it is too detailed for most people to grasp.

At its simplest:

You need to be admitted and you need to have Professional Indemnity Insurance.
Once practising you need to comply with your COPA and COFA obligations.

And don't do bad stuff like taking Client Money!

To comply with your COPA obligations you need to ensure that you keep your skills up. The Solicitors Group provides quality Professional Development training at locations all around the United Kingdom. These seminars are aimed specifically at small law firms and deal with the subject matter of small law firms.

For more information take a look at

Another useful provider of training is

It is also important to comply with your obligations under the Money Laundering Regulations 2007. Great advice and simple online training can be found at

If you do fall foul of the authorities there are associations available to help you. People under stress make bad choices so it is better to get help than to soldier on alone.

Take a look at

Did you know there is now the ability to send secure e-mail between businesses on DX? Information relating to this service can be found at

Hopefully the content on this website has given you the confidence to take your first steps to becoming a small law firm owner.
For more guidance, take a look at the Help Directory and download your free checklist below. Good luck!

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