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Today, cloud software offers the ability to run a successful law firm from anywhere. You could be in your office, at home, on a beach, on a train or even on a plane. It is important to find a software provider that gives you the ability to work anywhere and at any time.

The modern cloud is generally defined as accessing data via the internet that is stored in a different geographical location.

True cloud software should provide you with the following advantages:

Lower infrastructure costs
        – No need for servers
        – No need for costly data storage devices

Accessibility from anywhere in the world with a good internet connection

A mobile workforce
        – Internal staff can have more flexible work hours and a better work/life balance;
        – External contractors such as legal cashiers can reduce the cost of employing additional full time staff; and
        – New options such as making the most of remote assistants.

A great piece of cloud software will also give you the ability to work while not connected to the internet with full synchronisation when you reconnect. How does that work? Think of when you draft an email on a smart phone when in 'airplane mode'. When you reconnect to the network the email automatically sends. A great example of this technology in action can be found at

For a more detailed discussion download the 'Case Management in the Cloud – Cloud Computing, it's benefits and pitfalls' whitepaper

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